If watching the Boston Bruins game 7 vs. the Toronto Maple Leafs taught me anything, it is that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! A quick recap for those who have no idea what I am talking about. . .The Bruins were down 4-1 with only 11 minutes left in a must win game 7 and within that time they came back to tie the game 4-4 with only 50.2 seconds remaining in the game!! Just 6 minutes into overtime, the Bruins scored their 4th unanswered goal to win the game and move on to the next series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

During the game people were posting their feelings via facebook and twitter. . .

“Another Boston team chokes,”

“Turning the game off, I am sick of watching this,”

“Toronto moves on to the next series. . . bye bye Bruins, thanks for nothing.”

“Bruins are an embarrassment”

“I give up. . . I’m done watching!”

There were very few fans that still seemed to believe in their Bruins. In the end, it didn’t matter what the fans believed. . . it mattered what the team believed. They never lost hope and never doubted their ability to win the game. One of the Bruins’ players, Milan Lucic, said it best himself “anything can happen, and that’s exactly what happened.”

The Bruins found a way and a will to win! With just minutes left the team found a way to come together and play as one! It was incredible to watch. As a member of the Ninjas, I hope I can help our team understand that the game isn’t over until the final second ticks off the clock. I hope I can help instill the belief and confidence that this Bruins team showed in each other, into my fellow Ninjas!

I mean in the end the Bruins aren’t that much different than us. . .they are trying to win the Stanley Cup and we are trying to win the Harrow Cup. The Cups are pretty much one in the same.

Here’s to Ninja tattoos!


This past weekend I visited a former Kent State employee and her two boys up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  If you haven’t been there…man are you missing out on some of the most amazing yet ridiculous houses I have ever seen.  Just curious…why does one need 8 GMC Denali’s along with a parking spot for each or a house with a full indoor pool?

On to the important stuff…I got to spend time with a dear friend who, throughout the shuffle her life has brought in the last year, has a great outlook on life.  She lived as a “single mom” for 14 months as her husband lived in another state working.  She resigned from Kent State so she could be with her husband and her two young boys could be with their father.  Selfless woman who at the end of each day, has a smile on her face, a beer in hand and is just happy to take in each moment that passes.  So thank you, my dear friend…you are living the life!

Harrow Cup update:  team dy-NASTY is working on coming together even when we are apart.  The game planning, tactics and team bonding is in full effect.  With less than a month away…it is crunch time.  For team dy-NASTY…we aren’t stressed about getting in our workouts or getting on the field to hit around.   We are excited to come together and work together for a common goal…friendship, laughter, memories and one cant forget the 10 G’s.



Big fancy hats, mint juleps, and seersucker suits. . . that’s the majority of what I saw on Saturday when I attended the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby. It wasn’t until Sunday morning after the race that I was able to look back and notice that there was more to what I saw. . .


Unlike most of the other spectators I have never been very serious about horse racing. Ya, I have watched the Derby on TV before, but I have never been engulfed in what horse racing, and specifically the Kentucky Derby, is truly all about.

As I looked around at the pricy seats of the grandstands and even the cheap, standing room only infield, I noticed an overwhelming amount of passion and tradition. The passion to witness the most exciting 2 minutes in sports, and the passion to feel connected to the horses, trainers, and jockeys.

A tradition that has been ongoing for 139 years and hopefully continues for another 139 years. Although some things have changed over time, such as the price of a ticket and the number of spectators, the overall tradition and passion that you feel as you enter Churchill Downs is something everyone should experience.

I realized that tradition and passion are two things that have brought all of us Harrow Cup participants together. We have the passion for the sport of field hockey and we have the need to begin a new tradition. We all hope that the Harrow Cup becomes a tradition and an experience that all post-collegiate field hockey players want to be a part of.  In exactly one month the tradition will begin! I am so excited that I get to be a part of it with so many passionate women!

Here’s to passion, tradition, and Ninja tattoos,



Today marks 1 month till we all come together for the Harrow Cup.  All I know is I am so excited.  A few of the athletes I work with are coming to watch with their families along with my boss, some friends and my family.   All I know is 1) I better be on my best behavior (I may or may not be known for some on the field attitude) and 2) I need to kick up my training (cannot be out of shape or off my game).  Knowing my athletes, friends and family will be there to cheer on Team Dynasty…is well simply stated, AMAZING!

With one month till the Harrow Cup…it is time that I, as the captain of Team Dynasty, get to work.  It is time I bring the team together, give them motivation, let them know the game plan for how we are going to ATTACK these games and more importantly how much I cannot wait to spend time with them.

One month…but who is counting?  You bet I am!


lets get after this team dy-NASTY!




Saturday May 4th marks the last day of exams for Ohio University students. On the other hand, Saturday May 4th will mark exactly 5 weeks until the Harrow Cup games begin!

After enjoying a weekend that was spent playing field hockey with some fellow Ninjas and other Harrow Cup participants, I can honestly say that no workout can get you in playing shape. . . .boy am I sore!  My calf muscles have been in a constant cramp since Sunday afternoon. My hip flexors have never felt so tight and my hands even hurt from holding my stick. I feel like I just finished the first few days of August pre-season. . . .Ok, maybe I don’t feel THAT bad.

From now on I think I will do all my running workouts with a stick and ball.  If you are ever in Athens, Ohio and you see a girl wearing a Ninja headband while running on the sidewalk with her purple and black Harrow stick and a ball, you know who it is. . .

Here’s to Ninja tattoos,



This past weekend was a busy one! And yet at the end of the weekend, I was able to relax and reflect…what did I find out?  Why I love being around this sport.

Kent State hosted its annual alumni weekend.  I am going on my fourth year here as an assistant coach and this years alumni weekend was the biggest yet!  What made it so special was seeing all the smiles on the alums faces.  They laughed and told stories about all their good times.  The common theme was that they would do ANYTHING to play at that level again.  Now isn’t that the truth!  (Lucky for me I have Harrow Cup!)

On top of alumni weekend my mom came out for a visit.  I was able to spend some quality time with her…we reminisced about my playing days, talked about the family and just enjoyed each others company.  Without her…I am not sure I would be an athlete.  She was a 3-sport athlete before Title IX.  Pretty amazing feat!  We talked about Harrow Cup and how my training is going.  She even came to the track and weight room with me.  She walked and did some stretching while I got my butt kicked with some sprints.  She is SO excited to watch me play again and be given the chance to re-connect with some former teammates and their families.

In thinking about this past weekend I can’t help but connect the smiles I saw on the alums faces and my good times with my mother to my soon to be experience as Team Dynasty’s captain and a Harrow Cup participant.  Some day I will be old and in a rocking chair…I will be telling stories like the alums did this weekend, I will be sharing memories with some of my own kids/grandkids like my mom and I just did.  And what else will I be talking about… the memories I will make while participating in Harrow Cup.


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These pasts two weeks have been tough…from Boston to West, Texas our world has been turned around, again.

I read an article about how in some countries bombings, shootings and robberies are normal.  People walk out the door and do not know if they will return.  Can you imagine living like this?

We are so fortunate to be able to have this opportunity to come together and play.  We have it so good.  We get to play a game we love and ultimately have little worries in our lives. So I urge you, when you struggle during your training or you wake up on the wrong side of the bed…take a minute and remember how lucky we are.

And if you feel like it…do something that adds meaning to your life and those around.  Share the love!